Student FAQs

A lot of questions can be answered if you look at the NSOE Doctoral Handbook that Danielle Wiggins helpfully created. So feel free to look through there if the FAQs below don’t answer your question!

Q: Could you demystify the email listservs?

Here is a key to the Nic School listservs.  If you are a UPE student, you are automatically enrolled in ‘’      UPE Phd students    Listserv that goes out to all UPE students and faculty for social events   Environmental Policy Phd students    Environment Phd students     Easy to remember student run listserv that only includes PhD students from every Nic Schoolprogram Biology students and faculty Evolutionary Anthropology students and faculty

Q: Do you have any helpful outside resources recommendations?

Sure thing! here are some helpful computing and analytical resources past graduate students have recommended:

Research Computing help

Stats consulting

Code consulting

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