Henry J. Oosting Memorial Lecture

The Oosting Lecture is an annual presentation by distinguished scholars with an international reputation in the field of Ecology.

The endowed lecture honors the preeminent plant ecologist, Henry J. Oosting, and is presented by the University Program in Ecology, the Nicholas School of the Environment, and the Department of Biology.

Previous Oosting Lectures have been delivered by:

2019: Nancy B. Grimm

2018: Rick Ostfeld

2017: Jill Banfield

2016: Ruth Defries

2015: John Terborgh

2013: Norm Christensen

2012:  Margaret Palmer

2011: Chris Field

2009: Thomas E. Lovejoy

2008: William H. Schlesinger

2007: Pamela Matson

2006: Monica Turner

2005: Stuart Fisher

2004: F Stuart Chapin

2003: Stephen R. Carpenter

2002: Paul R. Ehrlich

2001: Peter M. Vitousek

2000: James R. Ehleringer

1999: G. David Tilman

1998: Boyd R. Strain

1997: Jerry M. Melillo

1996: F. Ian Woodward

1995: Walter C. Oechel

1994: Thompson Webb III

1993: Fakhri Bazzaz

1992: Jane Lubchenco

1991: Martyn Caldwell

1990: Berrien Moore III

1989: Anthony D. Bradshaw

1988: Edward S. Deevey

1987: Simon A. Levin

1986: Park S. Nobel

1985: Gene Likens

1984: Eville Gorham

1983: John L. Harper

1982: Jerry F. Franklin

1981: William A. Reiners

1980: Phillip L. Johnson

1979: Larry L. Tieszen

1978: Hal A. Mooney

1977: William A. Niering

1976: Robert P. McIntosh

1975: Larry C. Bliss

1974: F. Herbert Bormann

1973: George M. Woodwell

1972: Frank B. Golley

1971: Murray F. Buell

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