Post-Doctoral Associate

PhotoNameDepartmentAdvisorResearch CategoryResearch InterestContact
Greene, Lydia
  • Drea, Christine
Community Ecology

My research is focused on the evolution and ecology of the gut microbiome in various lemurs. In particular, I'm interested in how folivory shapes host-microbiome dynamics over narrow and deep timescales.

Loftus, Sarah
Marine Science And Conservation (NSOE)
  • Johnson, Zackary

I research the growth of marine microalgae for biotechnological applications.

Nuñez, Chase
Nicholas School of the Environment
  • Clark, James S.
Community Ecology

My research focuses on quantifying and analyzing the biological networks of information held in forest communities, and using that information to forecast how intensifying anthropogenic disturbances like logging, hunting, and climate change affect tropical forest structure, diversity, and function.